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16.05.2017 10:00


The journey to create our brand of unique shoes took a long time. It all began in Holland, back in 2013, where we, Elena and Israel, now wife and husband, met for the first time. From that moment on we knew that together we wanted to create a business that would be creative and entirely ours. Now, the important questions were what to focus on and how to do it?

We locked ourselves for one day in a forest cabin to brainstorm ideas. However, first 30 minutes went by and… nothing. “Ok, let’s start thinking about the things that we like and, eventually, we will come up with something. Slow fashion cannot be rushed.”


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Elena, Israel, and our dog and muse Frietjes


We wrote down the things that we loved… fitness, healthy food and, of course, unique shoes. We love unique shoes for a variety of reasons. Since we have just been to Valencia (Elena’s hometown) and gotten 15 pairs of new shoes – we were on a shoe binge! Additionally, patterns and colorful designs are what makes our world go round. Also, the idea of creating something physical that our future customers could use in their daily life seemed really appealing and we were anxious about the world of possibilities offered by the shoe industry that could enable us to combine creativity and entrepreneurship.

The idea, however, was put on hold for four long years as we felt we lacked appropriate qualifications to start a business on our own. Everything changed by 180 degrees when Elena finished an MBA, which was what we needed to pluck up the courage.

How did we arrive in Szczecin, Poland? It was destiny that brought us here in January 2017. Finally, this was the place to register our new brand and set off on the adventure of creating Liebre Style and our unique shoes.

If you’re wondering what we are looking for, we always want something new, fresh and unconventional, something that would even surprise hipsters :). We want to paint the world with our imagination and inspire each other day after day. We strive to maintain balance between what’s in and what’s always a classic. We admire hand‑made artisan leather shoes that are unique and one of a kind and we appreciate renowned Italian leather and craftsmen who cultivate their skills and passion for their creations.

You may want to know what our style is. It’s pretty simple. We believe that each pair of unique shoes has a story. Colors, patterns, shapes, textiles are words we use to tell them. Every limited edition makes for a different chapter of that story.

Feel welcome to go on the journey together with us, be free to express yourself and stand out.

Stay tuned for the next posts and find out more about Liebre Style! Or check out this article from our local fashion magazine with a translated interview to us.