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04.10.2017 19:32

Our shoes are handmade in Portugal

Some of you may wonder why our shoes are handmade in Portugal. Why not China? It seems that now everyone gets their shoes from there. What about Italy – a country with great tradition in shoe making? Or Valencia, the Spanish hometown of one of our co‑founders and one of the main sources of leather shoes in Europe?


One of the most challenging steps of launching our start-up was to find a shoe atelier to collaborate with. One that would be flexible and brave enough to believe in our fashion vision and help us to develop our designs. Eventually, destiny had it in the cards that our shoes would be handmade in Portugal.

There are plenty of shoe artisans out there who are capable of producing excellent work. However, we realized that not many of them would like to take a risk and produce something different than regular leather shoe constructions available in the market.

Our designs were challenging for many professionals because of combining textiles of different textures with the leather of our shoes. After all, we wanted to create something special and unique, a limited-edition shoe that would not be far from a piece of art. So, it was obvious that it was not going to be an easy task.


We presented our drawings and sample textile to several potential partners. But, it was only in Portugal, that we were able to find the perfect partner for our project. Our current shoe atelier is able to offer us the perfect combination of expertise and flexibility of mind. Now, we can create something unique, without jeopardizing the quality of our leather shoes. Thankfully, and after several tests and prototypes, our artisans in Portugal construct our derby shoes just the way we wanted.


We faced another challenge because we were absolutely not interested in mass producing our designs. We were really fed up with people wearing identical things from the same fashion stores. With Liebre Style we wanted to give our customers liberty to be individual, to stick out from the crowd and regain their former selves. We wanted to limit the number of people in the world having the same shoe, hence very small amounts of pairs of each of our designs.

Producing huge amounts of the very same product is the very first rule of cost efficiency in the industrial context. Thus, it was logical that most shoe producers out there would mostly be interested in mass producing our designs. When we told them that we would only produce 24 pairs of each design, the look they gave us spoke louder than thousands of words. The message was clear – “forget about it”!

Luckily enough, our shoes are handmade in Portugal by our shoe artisans who believe in our vision of creating a world of diversity and individuality. They create small batches of limited editions of our derby shoes that are available on our website.

Our shoes are handmade in Portugal, and we are proud of it!

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