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12.10.2017 17:43

Shoes with a story @ TFH Koncept store

Since October 2017, a selection of our shoes with a story will be available in the TFH koncept store located in downtown Warsaw (Szpitalna 8). We are wildly excited to collaborate with such a reputable fashion icon in the capital city of Warsaw.



Israel walking the streets of warsaw

We were walking the streets of Warsaw, so full of hope. We wanted to find just the right partner to collaborate with in order to bring our Liebre Style shoes with a story closer to you. The moment we entered the TFH boutique we knew it was just the right place for our limited-edition shoes. The first thing that impressed us was the careful selection of items in the store – everything from paintings to fashion pieces from young designers coupled with inspiring stationary and accessories. Given that, we really wanted to be a part of it!

After we presented our shoes to the store manager, she quickly and excitedly confirmed that our designs would be a perfect addition to the TFH fashion selection. We did not only impress her with our colorful and elegant designs, but most of all also with the doublefolder story of our brand and shoes.



TFH koncept set off on its journey in 2011 in Warsaw as a fashion pop-up store providing young fashion designers with a place to market their creations. Today, the store has cast its anchor in the iconic Szpitalna street in Warsaw.

The TFH team takes pride in their featured collections and items. As Bea, one of the store managers, said – these are not just objects, it’s a lifestyle that they bring to the visitors of the store. It’s not only cloths, but also stylish accessories, magazines, paintings, or graphics… items that without a doubt add a special touch of glamour and meaning to our otherwise standard lives.

Rest assured that you will always find something that you like in this innovative store. Why? Simply because the TFH team hand-picks every single item offered in their store, having in mind what their customers need to lead a more fashionable and inspiring life. By and large, they are specialists in understanding their loyal customers and their desires.


Bea from TFH koncept

“We do not sell things, we sell a lifestyle”




Paisley Yellow India

This unique shoe shouts confidence and good vibes lout and clear. Our derby shoes are hand-made with yellow Italian leather and yellow Indian textile with the famous paisley pattern symbolizing life and eternity. Yes, it also has leather linen and sole. Go ahead and turn the dust of boring Mondays into a golden fearless haze!





Rustic Olive India

This is the personal favorite of our founder because of its cool combination of forest green, olive and orange. This derby is made of Italian leather, Indian textile, and complimented by a leather-and-rubber sole in dark orange. Oh yes, the interior is also made of our signature orange leather! The Rustic Olive India is a subtle, but at the same time unique design. Definitely not to be worn if you want to blend in!




Golden Dragon China

What else is there to say, besides the fact that this shoe actually has Chinese dragons?! Ok, it also has high-quality dark and sky blue Italian leather, our own signature orange leather linen and an elegant rubber-and-leather sole. But it’s really the golden dragons that make this model truly memorable. Fun fact: dragons symbolize strength, power and good luck.




White Silver Mongolia

Looking for some special shoes with a story to take you to the top of the elegance scale? Look no further. This classy but unique design combines white Italian leather with pale grey suede and silky Mongolian textile in white and silver. It brings the coolness factor of endless winters onto your foot. This piece of art has leather linen and a comfortable white rubber-and-leather sole. A shoe that goes well with literally everything in your wardrobe.





Peach Blue Mongolia

A tribute to the captivating land of Mongolia and its gorgeous outfits. This model has one of the most beautiful textiles from our collection, embroidered in peach and blue. You can feel with your every touch that its Italian baby blue and white leather is genuine in its every crease. The sole is made of orange foam & rubber. An eye-catcher that will not leave observers indifferent to a good shoe story!




Forest Green China

These green shoes with a story were made to help you spread a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony. All that with a pair of shoes only? By all means! Go ahead, turn over a new leaf in your fashion book. Step into a calm forest of your own whenever you put these unique shoes on. Even in a Warsaw store, in the center of one of the biggest European cities! The emerald green of its Italian leather is just something to die for, and so is its exquisite textile with floral and bird motives in turquoise and brown silky colors. For this model we selected an elegant leather sole.



Golden Black China

We juiced this classical derby up with canary yellow and white of its genuine Italian leather and golden reflexes of the silky Chinese textile. Most noteworthy, its white-foam sole is very light and comfortable to wear. The interior is made of orange leather. Try this lemon sorbet for yourself to make your feet happy!


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