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17.10.2017 10:39

Designer Shoes @ArTminius21 (Berlin)

Elena in designer market

One of the things we love the most about participating in local designer markets is that we may get to know you all in person and show you first hand our designer shoes. Since we are an online business, it is not always easy for us to hear from you or talk to you directly. And we want your feedback after you have seen, touched or tried on our designer shoes!

Being an online business is not so much of a choice, as rather a necessity. It was born out of the limitations that all start-ups have to face at the beginning. Namely costs, costs and… yes, costs. Being online means having no costs of rent or utilities. However, as a shoe company, we understand that you guys need to touch our designer shoes in flesh. For this reason, we try hard to be as accessible for you as possible. One of the methods is to have our designs in unique fashion stores in your home towns (you can read more about it in this article) or join fashion markets in major cities.


On October 7th, we joined the ArTminius21 fashion market in the Moabit neighborhood in Berlin. The market hall was open in 1891 with magnificent brick façade and a beautiful interior with iron ceiling and open spaces. We totally encourage you to visit it during a weekend brunch. The art/fashion market takes place once a month. It hosts a small selection of creative people with products such as handmade ceramic, clothing, jewelry and, of course, Liebre Style designer shoes. It was the first market in Berlin of this kind that we have joined. And we are extremely pleased that we had the opportunity to be a part of it.


Our main motivation to join the Artminius21 market, except for bringing our limited-edition shoes to you, was the chance it gave us to get in touch with the German market for the first time, and learn something from our customers. They were all kind to listen to our story and gave us some advice regarding the German market and how to approach it. For instance, we came to understand that our customers want us to be available in an actual shop so that they can easily find us again when they want to try our shoes on and buy them. We are working on making your lives easier by being available near you. You will read about it more in the next posts!


Shoes from frontTouching textile



Our designer shoes sure captured the attention of many passers-by strolling down the market. They find the explosion of bright colors and textiles unusual in an otherwise quite monotonous Berlin, the city of the color black.

Trying shoes standTrying shoes sit

For those of you not used to wearing colors, we would like to give you a piece of advice! Just try them on and you will see that yes, they are colorful, but they are not over the top. Let your hair down and enjoy the colorful moment. Our designer shoes can make a monotonous outfit look fashionable, elegant and stylish. You will find some inspiring outfits in neutral colors here and here.


Going to such small fashion markets gives us an exciting opportunity to get to know the brilliant minds behind a brand, a fashion label or a piece of art. We always have fun meeting inspiring young international entrepreneurs who once decided to take the risk and follow their dreams.

One of the brands that impressed us belongs to our friends from Pewen. They make wood glasses and accessories by hand and engrave them with a laser machine. Another one was Simply needles, a veteran of the Berlin fashion market and a brand that has already established itself in the world. They craft wallets or cell phone covers made of recycled packaging.

You must visit these local fashion markets if you’re looking for special fashion and lifestyle items outside the mainstream. You will find exactly what you are looking for: small production and heartfelt art pieces, exactly like our designer shoes.

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