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07.01.2018 17:50

Collection Autumn / Winter 17 – 18

Our Autumn/Winter 17-18 collection has been designed with the crispy and darker days of this season in mind. We wanted first to ensure that no weather condition would stop you to make your own personal style statement. That’s why we have selected resistant commando soles for our designer shoes. Secondly, we wanted our winter collection to blend with the colors of the season by using darker colors such as dark pine greens, woody browns, or polished burgundies. Still, you will find a splash of color in hidden places in our designs – just to remind us of the brighter days to come!.


The textiles of this collection have been as always handpicked in our travels in Asia, where we visited the local traditional markets of Jaipur, Ulaanbaatar and Shanghai. We adore the Indian cottons, the Mongolian embroideries and the silk velvet from Shanghai.


This season is all about freeing elegance from locked rooms and taking it to the wet and cold streets.


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