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20.06.2018 19:33

Why are we offering our next collection in Indiegogo?

We in Liebre Style, are grateful to all our customers and supporters that have been with us since August 2017, when we first launched our Derby Shoe collection. Without you, we would not be here today: full of new ideas and collections ready to become a reality. However, our first cash-supply, which was made from our own savings and was used to start-up our company (website, Derby Shoe collection…), is running out slowly – in contrast to the fast steps forward that we would like to take to grow Liebre Style. Therefore, for us in order to remain independent and healthy, we need to go back to all of you and ask for a hand. In return, we want to reward every each of you. And how?

Very soon, we will be offering our next limited edition collection of Chelsea Boots as pre-order. We will use a very popular “crowdfunding” platform called Indiegogo, which has already helped millions of start-ups in the world. Only small quantities of 30 units will be made per design (6 designs in total). Pre-booking your design and size in this campaign is the best way to make sure that your pair is reserved. By the way, this time we will be offering all designs in man and women sizes. Your payments will flow to our shoe makers in Portugal that support us to make this new collection a reality!

At this moment, we have finished all prototypes. The link to Indiegogo, which includes all information about the Boot collection, will be shared with all of you shortly. We are just fine tuning a couple of things at this moment.

As a start-up business, good ideas abound however it is difficult to match the fast-speed of a new business with the cash flowing in. Luckily for start-up businesses, the crowdfunding exists. Thanks to this concept, supporters can help small businesses by advancing the payment of their products. These pre-payments are  then utilized to pay the producers to start crafting the products ordered. The concept is great because it spreads the weight of the investment among the many supporters, by asking them to make a “relative” small contribution. Additionally, nobody leaves empty-handed, as supporters have the possibility to have an early access to products that are on-the-making or even to very limited-editions. To the start-ups, it alleviates the debt risk, since products are pre-paid to create the products needed.


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