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08.05.2019 16:19


Known for its original design, the Szczecin-based shoe manufacturer Liebre Style has invited the fashion academy’s students to cooperate. The project took the form of a competition, and the prize for the young artists turned out to be not only a tablet funded by the entrepreneurs but above all the opportunity to do apprenticeships and the conviction that in Szczecin you can successfully run a world-class business.



Winning student | Estera Broda


We described the Liebre Style story in September 2017 and since then we follow with interest the fate of this Szczecin company founded by a Spanish-Mexican marriage – Elena Gasulla and Israel Lopez. They create original shoes in which they use unique fabrics imported as souvenirs from travels on various parts of the world. Their approach to selling their products is also out of the ordinary. Openness to various forms of promotion resulted in cooperation with the Center of Creative Industries of the Academy of Art in Szczecin.


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Competition with Akademia Sztuki

Successful cooperation

Elena, who considers herself a very demanding person when it comes to quality, she came up with her idea for cooperation to an extremely talented artist who perfectly suits her expectations. The fruits of this cooperation go beyond the competition with the young designers. Mila Łapko, photographer and lecturer at the Faculty of Painting and New Media at the Academy of Art, in a duet with Kaśka Jankiewicz under the FLAR brand, created the new Liebre Style catalog thanks to a photo session with rich set design, inspired, among other things, by the Dutch lifestyles. The photographer talks about the openness of entrepreneurs who willingly encouraged bold stylizations and the choice of dancer Krzysztof Lubka in the role model. – Elena and Israel are people with wide horizons. Performing business around the world makes them open to experimenting with creative combinations and intriguing model looks – says Mila, who was also the coordinator of the competition. Students of Fashion Design were offered the chance to participate in a photo competition, in which they had to take photos of Liebre Style shoes taking into consideration their social media and brand specifics.


Liebre Style
Photo competition with Akademia Sztuki

Young talented

– The students’ work was really creative and interesting. The first place went to the student Estera Broda, who offered bold stylizations and a great selection of colors – says Mila. Apart from the first prize, we also awarded two other distinctions: for Rafał Zakrzewski, who approached the topic maturely and focused on subtle colors and Amanda Kępińska, who took pictures well-adjusted for Instagram, with an interesting minimalist set design. All are offered practices in Liebre Style, which is quite a treat because they are obligatory for their studies and because there are not many companies in Szczecin where they can learn the ins-and-outs of a successful design start-up. – In my opinion, the most important lesson that we all learned from this cooperation is the fact that you can start a company in Szczecin, and that its products can conquer the whole world. Everything is just a matter of energy, knowledge and of course hard work – sums up Mila.