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03.06.2019 14:28


Shoes inspired by the world’s textiles!

Having lived in more than seven countries, including Mexico, Spain, China, and Indonesia, the couple developed a passion for textiles from the cultures they experienced. Looking for a way to repurpose their ever-increasing textile collection, Elena and Israel decided to convert them into unique and unforgettable shoes.


All the textiles featured in our shoe collection have been carefully hand-picked among millions of possibilities in local textile markets and shops by Elena and Israel. Our current textile collection has more than 200 pieces of 1-2 square meters – enough to make 20 shoe pairs. These textiles are from all over the world and it’s expanding every year.

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Remarkable about these textiles is the wide and broad variety of colors and patterns. Mongolia traditional outfits (deel) can be made of dozens of different patterns beautifully combined. These exotic silks have been the inspiration of seven different shoe models in our collection, such as Desert Mongolia (above) or Peach Mongolia (below). Check the last word in our design’s name to find out the origin of the textiles that are featured in our shoes. More Mongolian designs are to come for the next Autumn-October 2019!



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