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05.02.2020 10:40



The journey of our new Backpack Collection is spanning several months. After countless tests of different materials, shapes, designs and colours to create the leather backpacks that we dreamed off, we are finally ready to present you with our first collection of Liebre Style backpacks.


The Collection

We’ve designed this new line of backpacks with a bond to a slow, nomadic and eco-friendly lifestyle. Our backpack collection it’s a story of superior-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. In all what we do in Liebre Style, we intend to strike a balance by uniting tradition with modernity, and we try to create unique pieces that will infuse you with a joie de vivre, nostalgia and a green soul.

liebre style backpacks



Liebre Style backpacks are made by a very small team of artisans in Portugal. It takes about one day to finish one piece as there are hundreds of small and complicated steps involved. It’s beautiful to watch our compact team of artisans handcraft each piece in a traditional way, as they go through the intricate process of finishing a backpack with their own hands and amazing skills. Watch a small clip in our youtube channel here.

leather backpack liebre style


Unique Pieces

Each individual piece in our backpack collection is made unique and in small quantities. As we work with big textile patterns, each backpack looks different from each other depending on the textile piece that it features. Some designs might even be single pieces because of the unavailability of its leathers or textile print.

liebre style backpacks


Zero Waste

Our backpack collection is part of a zero waste initiative that utilises excess leathers and textiles from our suppliers. Over the years, our producers accumulate in their warehouse the leftover leathers and textiles from their production. Some of our backpack designs are reusing these materials.

liebre style backpacks