Shoe soles are a big deal in Liebre Style. We spent a lot of time deciding what soles will be featured in our designs. This is because the way a shoe is constructed plays a huge role in its final quality.

Our Liebre Oxford shoes and boots all feature Blake stitched soles because we believe this is the best way to finish a good pair of handmade leather shoes that should be both comfortable and durable.

Keep reading below to understand more about the Blake stitched construction and learn about this artisan process of shoe making.

What is Blake Stitch Construction

blake stitched soles in liebre style royal boots
Blake Stitched Leather Sole

The Blake stitching method connects the insole, the upper, and the outsole on the inside of the shoe with a single thread. Even though the stitching is done by machine for the needle to pass through the layers, the process is still artisanal as our Portuguese shoemakers still needs to guide all of the components by hand while stitching.

The result is a far superior shoe that is more durable than a regular glued shoe, and far lighter and more comfortable than a good-year constructed pair.

How does Blake Stitch affect the shoe design

In Liebre Style we love the look of Blake stitched leather soles for their elegance and sleek design. This construction allows us to design a slimmer profile that focuses firmly on the upper of our shoes and does not get distracted by a bulky sole.

stitched leather soles in the crimson italy oxford shoes for men

Can Blake stitched soles be Resoled?

details of the nails of the heels in liebre style leather soles
Blake Stitched Leather Sole

With a Blake Stitch, the shoe’s uppers are stitched directly to the outsoles making it possible for the shoes to be resoled. When the time comes, give your shoes to a trusted cobbler specialised in resoling leather shoes and he’ll be able to do it for you as it’s a normal practice.