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Founded in 1997 by Ullinca and Kathrin, Garment is a fashion label originally from Hamburg, with the goal to create fashion that is durable but not boring. The two designers tailor dresses, skirts, coats, suits, shirts or blouse for man and woman. They take inspiration from the high quality textiles that they use in their collections, as well as from the movies, music, art or the 50s/60s.

Ullinca and Kathrin felt in love with our shoe designs and agreed to sell our limited editions in their minimalist store in Hamburg, along side their small editions and exclusive fashion pieces. Indeed Garment and Liebre Style are a perfect match!



Mr. Rolf Einsenmenger, also know as the “Karl Lagerfeld from Hanover”, is the creative mind and owner of LO&GO, one of the most famous stores in Hanover, Germany, and dedicated since more than 20 years to dress the gentleman. His secret: in less than 3 seconds, he can tell what a particular man needs to complete his outfit.

It is easy and quite delightful to get lost in this 400 sqm wonderland where you  will find not only our limited edition gentleman shoes, but also more than 2000 unique suits, shirts and ties.



The concept store of Doordeweeks, literally translate as “through the week” and it was created by Jildou and Wiske with the goal of becoming a fun and inspiring place in the neighborhood of Amsterdam East, where the locals actually live and start/finish their day.

This store offers a fresh twist by offering free make-up workshops and even fast-but-quality haircuts in addition to designer clothing, furniture, edgy accessories and art. Come here to find our ladies’ shoe collection!

Piece of K8Piece of K8

Piece of K8

The name of Piece of K8 makes reference to its owner, Kate (K8). She used to work for a large multinational outsourcing big fashion projects worldwide. Luckily for us, Kate decided instead to follow her dream to create a slow fashion boutique in the beautiful town of Wroclaw (Breslau), in the south of Poland.

In Piece of K8 you will find passionate designers with a focus for detail and quality, rather than big volumes. Additionally to our limited edition shoes of Liebre Style, this store offers designer clothing and fashion/home accessories. We personally love the pleated skirts of Confashion, the futuristic-looking jewelry of 10Decoart, and the colorful scarfs of Auntudesign.

Rauch und GroenRauch und Groen

Rauch und Groen

Renata and Agnieszka created their concept store in the trendy neighborhood of Friedrichshain, Berlin, with the aim to bring together slow fashion, polish designers, art and people. For them it’s important to know the faces and creation processes behind the brands selected for their store. They are great at building the bridge between us, the designers, and you, the fashion enthusiasts! Don’t miss their “meet the designer” events where we all get to know each other!

In Rauch und Groen you will find designer fashion and accessories for man and women. We particularly love the colorful and light vests of Reykjavik District, the clean-cut dresses of ESTby Es and the mismatched shocks of Many Mornings.

Saarni Gentlemen’s BoutiqueSaarni Gentlemen’s Boutique

Saarni Gentlemen’s Boutique

Sonja, the store owner, was looking for a unique and different gift for Tuomo, her husband, without much success. That’s why they both decided to take matters into their own hands and create this gentlemen’s boutique in the cities of Turku and Raisio, in Finland. The couple have since then expanded the boutique’s offer to include a range of high-quality and one-of-its-kind products carefully created by artisans and small brands around Europe.

Next to our man’s collection of limited edition shoes, we specially recommend also the psychedelic socks of Takapara or the detailed-oriented clothes of Reykjavik District. Bags, gloves, and other accessories are also available in the store.

TFH KonceptTFH Koncept

TFH Koncept

TFH koncept store has cast its anchor in the iconic Szpitalna street in Warsaw. As Tomas, the store manager, said – these are not just objects, it’s a lifestyle that we bring to the visitors of our store.

In here you can find stylish cloths, accessories, magazines, paintings, or graphics… items that without a doubt add a special touch of glamour to our otherwise standard lives. Rest assured that you will find something that you like in this innovative store. Why? Simply because the TFH team hand-picks every single item offered here, having in mind what their customers need to lead a more fashionable and inspiring life.