Some crucial factors differentiate a good pair of leather shoes, from a mediocre one. In this article, we’ll be talking about the importance of a rather unknown but crucial piece in the construction of a high quality shoes – the cork fillings. They are the reason why Liebre Style shoes mould to your foot shape, making them extraordinarily comfortable and breathable.

What is a Cork Filling

cork filling in the soles of liebre style shoes
Cork innersoles
cork inner soles in liebre style boots
Cork innersoles

A cork filling is an elastic mixture made of shredded natural cork and latex. It fills the hollow between the insole and midsole of handmade leather shoes.

Inserting cork fillings requires experienced artisans, who apply it by hand to every single shoe. Additionally, the cork filler takes around two hours to dry before the shoes can continue their journey in the production.

Sadly, most shoe producers have abandoned the tradition of adding a cork filling into the shoes. This is in order to reduce costs by cutting manual processes and expensive natural materials.

In Liebre Style we believe that cork fillings have a crucial function in the quality and comfort of our handmade shoes.

Benefits of Cork Fillings

Comfort in a pair of quality shoes, is as important as materials or design. What’s worth a unique pair of shoes, if later you won’t be able to stand on them?

That’s why, cork fillings play a huge role in the comfort of our Liebre Style shoes. For instance, cork moulds by the warm of your foot and weight, creating an individual footbed. It also acts as a thermal insulator against heat and cold. Moreover, cork is sock absorbent, increasing your comfort while walking, Finally, it’s extremely breathable, allowing the shoes to breath.