Some of you may wonder why our shoes are handmade in Portugal. There are plenty of shoe artisans everywhere in the world capable of excellent work. However, just a handful are ready to go out of their comfort zones.

We need a flexible and brave collaborator willing to experiment with us. Artisans that help us create unique shoes, different from the regular leather shoe in most stores.

We found these wonderful people in Portugal.

Combination of Textile with Leather

looking for unique tweeds in scotland for liebre style
Combining Harris Tweed with Leather

Our designs are challenging to make for many artisans, because they require textiles and leather to be combined with expertise. After all, we want to create something special and unique – a limited-edition shoe or bag that is not far from a piece of art.

Each Liebre Style design is unique because it has it’s own story. One particular model is inspired by the low-tide of Scotland and features a hand-woven tweed that resembles this land. Another is inspired by the gentlemen ties, and features a unique silk from Como, Italy.

Our shoe artisans in Portugal understand the importance of each of our individual designs. They make our shoes by hand with extreme care and respect to the story of each of our models


Portugal has a long tradition in the art of hand-making shoes. The small family owned shoe ateliers in this country still follow the traditional process of making excellent leather shoes, without taking any short-cuts.

The term Made in Portugal has long been a guarantee of quality craftsmanship in the field.

When you hold a Liebre Style design in your hands, you immediately notice the perfection of its finishing. The quality of the materials, the detail in the stitching. You realise that our products are made to last for decades, especially if you care for them properly.

This is all thanks to the passionate work of our Portuguese artisans. You can visit the inside of our Portuguese atelier in the video below.

Not Interested in Mass Production

selecting leathers for liebre style shoe collection
Selecting Leathers

In Liebre Style we want to make accessories that you will love and will become part of your life and who you are. A piece that is cherished and treated with care to last. Therefore, it does not make sense that hundreds of other people will have the exact same shoes as you. 

However, during our search for artisans, the majority of them were only interested in huge quantities. It did not matter how unique our designs were, or what we wanted to achieve with Liebre Style. Many would not talk to us further, if we were not making hundreds, if not thousands, of shoes.

Luckily, our artisan in Portugal agree with our vision of making the world unique and diverse. They create for us small batches of each design, because it’s not the quantity what matters, but the meaning of each design and their quality.

Our shoes are handmade in Portugal, and we are proud of it!

handmaking process of liebre style shoes in portugal
Designing process
details of making a shoe by hand in the atelier of liebre style
Designing process