Hunting textiles from around the world is our guilty pleasure. We’ve managed to create quite a unique collection of pieces from over a dozen of places but until recently we were still missing the elegant silks from Italy. This all changed thanks to an Instagram message. The power of Social Media.

Carlo, a fellow passionate silk collector from Italy, had been following us in Instagram and was sure that Liebre would appreciate the elegance of the silks made in Como. And he was right!

In our quest to find textiles that will inspire future Liebre shoes and bags, we flew to Como to meet with Carlo and learn about the silk industry in the region. From this and other visits we learned what makes Como silks so special.

Made in Italy

The silks featured in our Dolce Vita collection are made in the picturesque city of Como, Italy. A place with a heritage of silk production dating back to yea 1400.

The Italian silks features in our Liebre designs are proudly made by a small family owned silk producer who is responsible for the silk design and weave. Our silks are not only beautiful but are also made in the highest quality standard.

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It’s all about the Design

The silks from Como have dressed Kings and Popes for centuries as is sought-after for its unique designs. The patterns used in our Liebre collection specifically, feature classic geometrical patterns and exotic paisleys.

Over the years, Como has designed the finest and most elegant silk patterns to be used for man tie attire. Unfortunately, it is a fact that few men actually enjoy wearing a tie and that this tradition is going out of fashion. In fact, it’s predicted that ties will be forgotten within the next fifty years.

Ties might go extinct but their beautiful patterns and materials will survive as long as we can find another purpose for them – such as creating Liebre shoes and bags.

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Dolce Vita Collection

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100% Silk

Italian tie silk used in Liebre Style oxford shoes
Italian Tie Silk

Silk is a thread which is produced by the spinning glands of the silkworm, and it’s the finest and strongest natural fibre in the world. It is so strong that it has been used in bullet proof vests and at the same thickness is stronger than steel.

In spite of its delicate appearance, silk is relatively robust. Its smooth surface resists soil and odours well. Silk is wrinkle and tear resistant, and dries quickly. That’s why we like experimenting with this material so much and feature it in our shoes and bag collections. Have you seen our Mongolian silk designs yet?