Liebre shoes are made with superior craftsmanship and materials to last for a long time. In fact, with the right shoe care, you may extend the life of your shoes even indefinitely.

Here are three basic but helpful ways to prevent damage to your shoes and keep them looking good for years.

Conditioning and Polishing the Leather

caring for the leather in brown leather shoes by liebre style
Polishing leather

Once in a month it is good to give the leather of your shoes a little attention.

Start by removing any dirt from your shoes with a brush. You can then apply a cream conditioner to the outside leather. This will restore the moisture to it. Let the shoes dry completely and give them a light buff with a horsehair brush afterwards.

After conditioning your shoes, give the leather a nice polish with a neutral shoe cream. Apply the polishing cream with your fingers and let it sit for three minutes. Then use a horsehair brush to polish and remove excess cream.

Use a Shoe Tree

Using wood shoe trees right after wearing your shoes is crucial. As you wear your shoes through the day, the leather lining absorbs moisture and the leather wrinkles.

A wood shoe tree will help you get the moisture out of your shoes when you take them off. It will also hold your shoe in its proper shape so it dries out correctly.

The best option for shoe trees are those made of cedar wood. They contain natural oils that don’t let bacterial and fungal growth. Besides they will help moisture to dissipate from the leather, while giving your shoes a refreshing aromatic smell.

using shoe trees in handmade leather shoes by liebre style
Cedar shoe tree

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Use Cotton Protection Bags

cotton bags to protect oxford shoes by liebre style
Cotton protection bags

All Liebre Style shoes arrive with a free pair of cotton bags. When you travel, make sure that your shoes are protected inside these bags. This will avoid that your shoes get scratched in your the luggage.

Additionally, you may also regularly use these bags to store your shoes as they’ll help them from getting dusty.

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