Our Story

Founded in 2017 by travellers Elena and Israel, is a manufacturer of premium shoes, bags and belts for independent and creative people. The nomadic nature of the couple motivated them to wander the world and ultimately gave them the idea to start a collection of unique shoes and accessories that would feature the beautiful textiles collected in their travels.


Liebre style shoes founders


Liebre Style develops their shoes, bags and belts in small factories in the north of Portugal, where expert hands take care of the production build on the foundation of Handmade in Portugal: high-quality, attention to detail, small quantities.


production of shoes liebre style


Each design in Liebre Style features a unique textile handpicked by Elena and Israel in traditional markets and artisan around the world. The classic but creative brand aesthetic, the attention to details, and the craftsmanship used to create high quality leather shoes and accessories, is the foundation behind Liebre Style.


Liebre style shoes founder


We always make decisions for the long term based on quality and respect¬†the environment and people we collaborate with. That’s why we only produce in small quantities and with noble materials so that each Liebre Style creation will last for a long time.


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We mostly operate through our online store, so we can reach you anywhere in the world. However, whenever we can, we also like to bring our Liebre Style design closer to you. For this, we participate in design oriented pop-up events and collaborate with unique boutiques around the world. You can find our shoes in these locations.


liebre style pop up events


Liebre Style is a metaphor for taking your life into your own hands, discovering, and being authentic and free to follow your instincts. Liebre means hare in Spanish, a symbol for being agile and in the wild, out of the comfort zone. We want to inspire people to travel, learn and be respectful to other cultures (#BELIEBRE).


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Our jumping hare is a symbol of freedom – to be out of your comfort zone, moving forward into the wild. If you dare to think independently, explore and appreciate what each culture can teach you, then you are a Liebre. So go out there, wander the world, admire everything you encounter and if you can, protect it and make it a little bit better.