Our Story

liebre style elena and israelWe are Elena and Israel, a married couple from Spain and Mexico, and the designers behind Liebre Style, a brand inspired by our travels and the fabrics that we personally discover from around the world, such as unique silks from Mongolia, heritage tweeds from Scotland or vibrant prints from Africa.

The idea of creating Liebre Style was born after a day locked in a forest cabin to brainstorm start-up ideas that would liberate us from our corporate jobs. We experienced how we were getting trapped in our daily routines and we were letting our former creative and authentic selves disappear.

We put our passion in every detail of our collections. Our designs are made in very small rounds and therefore unique and unrepeatable. You’ll be one of a few in the world to own the same one.

Experienced artisans in Portugal take care of handcrafting our collections into perfection. Only the best materials are used to ensure that our shoes and accessories are not only beautiful, but also durable.

With Liebre Style we aim to inspire people to integrate creativity in their daily routines. That’s why we love to reinvent classical shoes and accessories and give them a modern and vibrant twist that should inspire and give a positive energy to their owners.