Liebre style leather shoes can last a lifetime if treated with the right care and attention. Remember leather is skin, so needs to be cleaned and nourished regularly to prevent cracks and blemishes.

Aim to clean and polish your shoes at least once per month to keep them looking at their best. Our suggestion is to sets aside an hour at the weekend to work on your shoes and use it as a meditation. It’s a calm moment before the working week begins again.

Follow the step by step process below to polish your shoes.

How to Polish your Leather Shoes

caring for the leather in brown leather shoes by liebre style
Polishing leather

1. Remove the laces from the shoes.

2. Insert a pair of shoe trees. This will serve as a good base to work on.

3. Clean off any dirt with a damp cotton cloth.

4. Apply polish to an old toothbrush and work into the edges of the shoe next to the sole.

5. Apply the polish to the upper.

6. Leave the polish to soak into the leather for at least 2 hours. Ideally leave overnight.

7. Bring up the shine by using a natural horsehair brush over the upper. The aim is to build up friction, so brush vigorously.

8. For the final stage, grab a pair of tights, pull them tight and buff to bring up the shine.

9. Replace the laces.

10. Stand back and admire your work.