Every Liebre shoe and bag featuring Harris Tweed is an instant classic and masterclass in elegance. In fact, there is no other cloth in the world that is as timeless as Harris Tweed. That is why we love to be inspired by the beautiful shades and designs originally from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

For generations, Harris Tweed has been woven by the local inhabitants of the Outer Hebrides, a remote archipelago on the far north, west tip of Europe. It is only here, and nowhere else, that Harris Tweed can be made.

As the weavers like to say, “from the land comes the cloth”. The influence of the landscape and its people is such, that each Harris Tweed design is an intimate window to the colours of the barren archipelago, the beauty of the vistas and the personality of the islanders.

The Weavers

One of the most interesting facts about Harris Tweed, is that every single piece of cloth is handwoven by a weaver in his or her home’s shed. Harris Tweed weavers are all self employed and can decide between weaving their own tweed designs (so called “independent weavers”), or those from the tweed mills. Either way, all these tweeds are woven in a manual loom that is always located at the weaver’s home.

There are about 200 weavers living in the Outer Hebrides in charge of operating the looms. A weaver can create as many as four metres of tweed per hour by using their looms.

harris tweed weaving shed in the outer hebrides for liebre style


Harris tweed is the only fabric in the world governed by its own Act of Parliament. Therefore, for a tweed to be called Harris tweed it must be made without electricity, in the Outer Hebrides and with Scottish virgin wool.

The cloth is weaved on human-powered looms, some of which are over a century old. Many times, the weavers double as mechanics and have a secret stack of spare parts just in case they might come handy.

herring bone tweed handwoven for liebre style

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Virgin Wool

wool farmer in the outer hebrides for liebre style
taking car of the sheep in the outer hebrides by liebre style
virgin wool used on the making of liebre style harris tweed materials

In summer the sheep own the islands. The roam free on the grass or the drive ways enjoying their never ending supply of fresh grassland. The pure virgin wool of these sheep will be later blended together to gain the advantages of their unique characteristics.

Thanks to this raw material, Harris tweed is breathable and water resistant. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It cleans easily and resist wear and tear with ease.

The Land

landscape in the outer hebrides by liebre style

There is no other textile in the world that so closely represents the natural colours and scenery of the place where it comes from. If you are ever lucky enough to travel to the Outer Hebrides, you will see by yourself the earthy colour palettes of the islands – the hundred variations of browns and greens,, with splashes of reds, lilacs, or oranges.

Look close the a Harris tweed thread and you will discover dozens of colours hidden in what it just looked as green. This universe of colour blends inspired by the isles is what makes this cloth so remarkable and cozy to wear.