One of the most unknown treasured secrets of Europe, Valencian brocades exist in all their beauty and splendour but only a few lucky connoisseurs really know about them. Well, maybe not a few, more like 800k people. However, they all seem to have signed a secret pact to keep the treasure only for themselves. They all live in Valencia, Spain.

Lucky for all of you, Elena, our founder and designer, happens to come exactly from there. The luminous city of sun, oranges, paella, and of course, las Fallas. Since her childhood, she was exposed to the baroque textile designs, appreciating and wearing them, and also thinking everyone knew about them. To her surprise, she found out after leaving her hometown many year later, that outside Valencia, nobody really knew about the booming textile industry of her hometown.

In an expedition trip back to Valencia, Spain. Elena visited the most ancient textile ateliers in her hometown, and selected exclusive textile pieces that are part now of the Liebre collection. Let’s find out what’s so special about them.

Las Fallas

There is no talking about the Valencian brocades, without first understanding what is “Las Fallas”.

Las Fallas is the most important celebration in the region of Valencia, which symbolises the end of winter and beginning of March. It’s culmination takes place on March 19th, the day of San Jose, when thousand of paper-mache statues of political and cultural satires, are burn down. Days before this moment, Valencia people celebrate the coming of Spring by dressing up in their regional costumes, custom tailored of locally made floral brocades inspired by baroque designs.

The Costume

The costume that women and men wear during “Las Fallas” celebration in March, is the reason why Valencia still has a blooming brocade industry. Every Fallas lover in Valencia keeps this ancient craft alive, by ordering specially custom-made traditional clothes.

These traditional customs are inspired by the clothing style of XVIII and XIX and made exclusively of Valencian brocades. Everyone in Valencia is proud to have at least one or two of this exquisitely and luxuriously made garments and they become family treasures that are not just stored in glass showcases, but very much alive in the streets on the body of their owners.


The tradition of Valencian brocades started in the XV century, when the city became one of the major silk traders in the world. Hundreds, when not thousands, of small textile artisans lived in the old town, creating exquisite silk brocades exported to all corners of Europe. Just a hand-full of the century-old looms from that time are still conserved, maintained and functioning in some of the most exclusive textile weaving house of Valencia.