In Liebre Style we specialise in combining worldwide textiles with leather to create unique and elegant shoes and bags. We travel the world to hunt for next exciting textiles and find out all we can about who makes them. We are passionate about discovering the stories behind each cloth and sharing it with you. This is all part of the inspiration that drives our Liebre designs.

married couple of entrepreneurs in liebre style
the founders of liebre style elena and israel
Elena & Israel, Founders of Liebre Style

A Passion Born in Indonesia

elena founder of liebre style in her design studio while selecting textiles for her shoe collection
Elena with Batik

Our passion for textiles started with an Indonesian batik that we unearthed in Jakarta, and from there we began a journey of discovery. Between 2014 and 2016 we intensively travelled around Asia and we often return home laden with items of extraordinary colour, craftsmanship and history; Mongolian silks, indigo ikats from Thailand, exotic prints from India, and so much more.

Our latest textiles loves include materials made in Europe, where we currently live. The latest Liebre collections feature genuine Harris Tweeds, Scottish tartans, Italian tie silks, and British luxurious velvets.

Worldwide Textiles

With each new textile addition into our collection, we go to great lengths to learn all about it. It’s all part of the fun and the adventure. We’ve met with independent Harris Tweed weavers in their sheds in the remote Isle of Harris or have tracked down the last tapestry weavers of Poland.

In Liebre Style we are textile collector and globetrotter, who revelled in colour, technique, travel, history, people, knowledge, traditional crafts and how they were passed down through generations. Our goal is to instil the same passions and interests in you, so that you wear your Liebre Style designs with profoundness.

textile hunting in mongolia with elena the founder of liebre style
elena founder of liebre style selecting textiles for the shoe collection
Ulaanbaatar Market

Blend Old with New

sketches of shoe designs by liebre style
Collection Sketches

We are proud of our ability to weave in the old with the new and blend travel experiences with the everyday. We hope we can open your eyes and heart to the romance of travel and show you how to look at the world in detail and take note of its diversity and colours.

textile with dragons from liebre style collection used in shoes
Shanghai Silk